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Tips on Maintaining Your Asphalt Pavement and Parking Lot That asphalt pavement you see has taken a technical expert’s pavement development skills where rock and gravel are held together into a lasting compactness by use of a binder. The binder or Asphalt cement is made by a distillation process involving crude oils It is when elements such as chemicals,U.V rays and rain come into contact with asphalt cement that the process leading to eventual degradation of your asphalt pavement starts. This asphalt degradation,if not early controlled,results in pavements having a bad looking appearance and in very bad situations,pot- holes that don’t do your car springs any good. To prevent the eventual degradation that naturally occurs when nothing is done,a program that involves sealcoating and crack sealing should be initiated in good time. Sealcoating serves the purpose of ensuring that rain,oil based chemicals and ultraviolet rays do not reach the binder. Many property owners today prefer to do crack sealing and sealcoating early on when the asphalt is not already badly affected to spending thousands of dollars in future when whole pavement will have to be replaced due to lack of prompt maintenance. When it comes to crack sealing,do not be fooled by how uncomplicated it might appear;it definitely entails far much more. Make sure that you purchase the appropriate crack filling materials for the crack sealing program. The quality of a crack sealing process is determined by how well the asphalt surface to be repaired is prepared before the filling process commences.
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A broom or a dirt blowing machine can be used to completely remove all debris and dirt from the area of focus so as to ensure no foreign matter interferes with how well the filler material works.
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The machines should always be checked to confirm that they do not contain oil or moisture droplets before using them to blow into the cracks. The crack fill should be applied immediately the crack is cleaned and dried up. For seal coating,there are some things to bear in mind. If it is likely to rain within the next 1 day,delay the sealcoating operation. Avoid applying the sealcoat when the atmospheric temperatures fall below 50 degrees. Apply at least 2 coats for desirable results. No vehicles should be driven over the sealcoated surface for the next 24 hours so as to allow the seal to cure. Sealcoating is better repeated every 2 or 3 years. Generally,re-striping should happen when visibility of the paint has been reduced to about 75% or after 2 years. Always check to be sure that your parking lot is not out of alignment with the federal law known as ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act. The proper application of these processes at the most appropriate time will help you keep your asphalt pavement looking great and well taken care of for long.

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