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Natural Products to Remove Molds

Mold is a fungus that can easily reproduce through the air. When these fungi enter the house, it can create serious issues in the household. It brings with it serious health problems and ugly spots where it thrives in the area. The black mold is one of the varieties that can grow in households and brings damaging effect to humans and pets.

It is highly advisable to act right away and eradicate the first trace of mold in the house. Molds can cause health issues like breathing problems to skin irritation and some varieties can even create more serious issues. So that you’d know which type of mold thrives in your place and to create the most efficient solution, there is a need to conduct mould testing first. Different molds should be removed in different ways and there are natural means that you can use without having to contact professionals to help out.

There are various mold killer for your home. An inexperienced individual is cautioned from using harmful chemicals to kill the colony as these chemicals can create other problems. Mould testing is very important to understand the nature of the mold that is growing in the area and to address the problem correctly. There are molds, like the black mold, that can be eradicated by simply using natural products that can be found at home.

Using these common household items will not only save you money, it will also create fewer complications when doing the removal. There are three very common household products that have anti-fungal properties to serve as natural alternatives to eliminate molds: vinegar, baking soda and tea tree oil.

Vinegar is a very effective anti-fungal substance. Vinegar can be used as a pure mold killer or mixed with water to diffuse its smell. As an anti-fungal substance, vinegar is able to handle about 80% of the types of molds. To kill the mold colony, vinegar should be directly sprayed on the area and let the substance stay for a few hours Scrubbing the area with a coarse brush will remove the molds.

Baking soda is another amazing mold killer. You can mix the product with water or with vinegar to create a natural mold killer. To thoroughly remove the colony, let the formula sit for a few hours before scrubbing it.

Although a bit expensive compared to the first two, tea tree oil is also one of the best natural mold killer. You simply mix tea tree oil with water and spray it on the area with infestation. Not only will this product effectively rid the area from molds, it will also leave a pleasant smell.

The above natural remedies are more effective after figuring out the type of mold you have through mould testing.

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